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Official Rules

1. Multiple Accounts:

Multiple accounts are not permitted. We ("") have several methods to detect multiple accounts. If we find you have (or are logging into) multiple accounts, your account(s) will be banned indefinitely without refund.

2. Shared Computers:

You are allowed one (1) account per IP address. We do not permit users to share computers because this could lead to problems. If you are in a situation like this let us know in the "Notes" field when registering. This isn't a guarantee the accounts will not be disabled, but we will have it reviewed.

3. Leaking Rule:

Leaking is allowed, however you are not permitted to publicly (or privately) publish it anywhere on Failure to abide by this rule will result in your account being removed forfeiting any winnings or credits.

4. Profile Abuse:

Using media images and being able to set a profile description is a privilege. If you are found abusing the privilege, you may have your account and/or privilege removed.

5. Credit Card Fraud:

When purchasing items (credits, merchandise, etc) through, you agree you have legal rights to using the payment method being supplied. In the event of fraud, your information will be handed over to the local authorities, FBI office, and/or credit card provider. If you accept credits from another player who initiate a chargeback or commit the fraud your account too will be deleted and banned. This is a risk you take accepting credits from other players.

6. Attack System:

If you use the attack system in such a way other people can't attack you, i.e.) having someone outside your crew to max you with useless attacks, you and your partner may be removed from the game. If you are testing to see if others are leaking use your judgment wisely. There is no need to attack until their attacks are maxed out when one or two times will do.

7. Respecting Other Players:

It is impossible for us to monitor all aspects of the game all the time. Respect all management including but not limited to: admin's, moderators, etc. If you have problems with another member inform an admin and we will help to resolve the matter. Breaking this rule could lead to suspension of your account forfeiting any winnings, credits, or turns without refund.

Racism, harassment, excessive vulgarity, hacking, and fraud are not tolerated. Any instance will result in your account being banned and reported to the proper authorities and your Internet Service Provider.

8. No Whining:

This is the most important rule and I am ashamed to have to list it. Those players who whine all the time about every little thing, think before you speak. Player's are required to be 18+ to join the game, so I am assuming we shouldn't have many breaking this rule.

9. Bugs:

Report all bugs to an admin/moderator. If you are suspected of using a bug/exploit your account will be banned without notice. If you notice something does not seem right report it. If you are the first to report one you will receive a reward. You can report all bugs to bugs [at]

We ("") reserve the right to make any changes to the rules at our discretion. New rules apply instantly once updated. All users will have a period of 24 hours to comply. If, at any time, you do not agree to the rules, you should request your account be removed from our server. Failure to do so will be understood that you agree to the rules.

Last Updated September 6, 2005

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