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Welcome to!, the only place online where you can legally pimp your hoes and kill other pimps! PimpFights is a turn-based strategy game where you play the part of a pimp on a mission to control the city with your power and money. Although unique, PimpFights gameplay is like Pimpwar, PimpsLord, and many others. You will master the skills of pimping your hoes for cash, commanding your thugs to go into battle with other wannabe-pimps showing them who is the real-pimp of the city, and showing your leadership skills by starting a crew and leading other pimps, like yourself, to success! Don't forget to grab your shotgun and suit up in your purple velvet suit and Zebra print trim before entering.

Its FREE, so if you think you're up for some pimp slapping we suggest to get a couple friends together so they can hold your hand while this ass kicking takes place then click here!

Oct 04, 2014

After 3 years PimpFights is going to be relaunched soon. We have started a couple of test rounds. If you notice any bugs, please report them to the admin. Once we get all the bugs worked out, we will move forward with the grand relaunch and pass out prizes.

Jan 14, 2013

Thug killa round signs ups are up.. the only way to win is to kill those thugs. if you dont kill thugs then you WILL NOT win. Ranking wont cut it this round..

Have an idea for a round? hit up wraith in game, if I like your idea and use it i will give you the credit transfer for the round or you can have half of the transfer put in your master account for a rainy day

Jan 11, 2013

Just a reminder... If you are the only person playing a round you WILL NOT GET FULL PRIZE......

Nov 13, 2012

The first player who gets 50 pimps playing i will give you 10k credits in your main account to use as you wish

Nov 13, 2012

FYI pimps when the prizes are listed and you are the only 1 who is playing you will not get the full prize.

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